Caffeine – New study about possible negative effects on young people

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English: A photo of a cup of coffee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a new study, drinking four cups of coffee a day (or more) could increase the risk of mortality for people under the age of 55. The study reports a 50% + increase in mortality in men and women and 21% + higher risk for all men who drink more than 4 cups a day at all ages.

That’s pretty scaring, but about these results (and about possible contribution of other co-factors to the deaths) there is skepticism. The same authors concluded that “However, this finding should be assessed in future studies of other populations”.

The caffeine effects, anyway, are really controversial and on the results of this study the British Heart Foundation is not agree. They keep to recommending that 4/5 cups of coffee a day will not harm your heart.

Some research show that coffee has potential beneficial effects on inflammation and cognitive functions, but also that stimulates epinephrine release, inhibits insulin activity and raises blood pressure.

For more information on the study, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, and completed by Junxiu Liu et al., click here.

As stressed in a former article, the European Commission has decided to request an opinion to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) on the safety of caffeine and to delay any authorization of certain health claims from art. 13.1 of EC Regulation 1924/2006. The opinion is expected for the next few months.



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