‘Natural’ claim in China: an overview and comparison with EU and US

Here you can find a recent article, drafted together with my colleague and friend Nicola Aporti, head of the food practice at HFG Shanghai, about the “non regulation” of the use of “natural” claims in China, EU and USA. It is published on New Food Magazine.

To know more about the issue and meet both the authors, participate to the 1st Food Law in Asia Conference, 12th June 2017, Amsterdam, write me at foodlawlatest@gmail.com or meet me in Thaifex, World of Food Safety Conference, Bangkok (1st-2nd June 2017).


2 thoughts on “‘Natural’ claim in China: an overview and comparison with EU and US

  1. According to the “Organic Products Management Policy ” in China, the “Natural “claims is similar to the “organic “claims.That means only the product that approved as the organic products could be aollowed to claim “organic “,”natural “,and the similar meaning claim.


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