‘Natural’ claim in China: an overview and comparison with EU and US

Here you can find a recent article, drafted together with my colleague and friend Nicola Aporti, head of the food practice at HFG Shanghai, about the “non regulation” of the use of “natural” claims in China, EU and USA. It is published on New Food Magazine.

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Food Fraud: An in depth discussion of new EU Regulation on official checks on food

In another recent blog – published on New Food Magazine – I had the chance to examine the last proposal of Regulation on official controls on foodstuffs in Europe, with specific focus on the fraudulent practices issue.

The Regulation, repealing the Reg. (EC) No 882/2004, could be adopted early next year (first quarter?), and just last week on the EU Official Journal, has been published another piece of the “smarter rules for safer food” package: the plant health controls regulation (Reg. (EU) No 2016/2031).

Click here to read the full article.

Other info from the EU Council on the upcoming Regulation here.