Frutarom Granted Environmental Stewardship Award

Frutarom USA Inc. announces that improvements made at its New Jersey facility resulted in official recognition from the state of New Jersey for environmental achievements.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (“NJDEP”) recognized Frutarom’s North Bergen facility, for “voluntary and proactive measures taken to go beyond compliance in an effort to improve the environment and ensure a sustainable future” and commended the plant with The Environmental Stewardship Award. The award was granted to Frutarom for significant reduction in industrial waste.

Commenting on Frutarom’s overall commitment to a long-term sustainability strategy, Jeff Lind, Vice President of the Health Business Unit, acknowledges, “We’re thrilled with this award from the NJDEP recognizing our commitment to sustainable business practices. As an ingredient supplier we are concerned with the impact that environmental matters on seasonal crops and botanicals. It’s not just a good business practice; it simply is the right thing to do.” Lind further declared that, “This is not a singular achievement, in just the U.S., but part of Frutarom’s global plan encouraging environmental awareness and sustainable business practices among Frutarom’s facilities and partners worldwide.”

The Environmental Stewardship Initiative is a New Jersey-based program showcasing achievements by members of the community. It serves as an information resource to encourage others and offers a way to acknowledge companies that are environmentally proactive and exceed regulatory requirements. Frutarom’s North Bergen facility is now duly categorized on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s website and will be used as a model for environmental compliance by other corporations looking to make similar improvements. The recognition from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in the U.S. mirrors Frutarom’s efforts globally. Other Frutarom sites, including its pioneering Wädenswill, Switzerland biogas facility, have received commendations from recognized agencies in acknowledgement of these efforts.


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