Food Law Latest group on LinkedIn

I am proud to announce that you can join also our group on LinkedIn, Food Law Latest.

The group, linked to my blog on food and feed, regulatory and consumer law, has reached more than 1.450 followers and it’s growing more and more. Subscribe to keep track of all the news from my website and from my friends.

I have to thank you all the followers for subscribing and for their active contribution to the group. If Food Law Latest is one of the most interesting and active groups on the net is due to each of you.

Join the group to keep in touch with top professionals in the food sector and stay updated with all the news and articles published. Feel free to give your contribution inviting your friends to join, posting discussion and, if you want, submitting me original articles for the publication on

Be part of our group is really a great way to do networking and stay updated with the latest news of the food regulation and policy world.


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