Book – Food waste: a multidisciplinary approach

The monograph provides a multidisciplinary overview on food waste.

In a moment of fusions between different university departments, that aggregate scholars of different backgrounds, the ability to create dialogue and to integrate methodologies and proposals can lead to results more content-rich and scientifically more complex than those that individually could be reached.

It is with this purpose that are presented contributions on the subject of several scholars (experts in commodities, food technologists, statisticians and sociologists) that, thanks to their skills, contribute to outline the scenario in which consumers and companies have to act.

The underlying theme is the identification of tools and strategies that the food business operators and consumers can implement in order to contain the waste. Aim of the study, therefore, is not only to identify ways of managing food waste once it has been created, but also to offer something to think about how this can be prevented.

Edited by Erica Varese – co-authors: Valentina Alessandria, Alessandro Bonadonna, Stefania Buffagni, Anna Lo Presti, Maria Cristina Martinengo, Luca Giorgio Carlo Rolle, Erica Varese, Giuseppe Zeppa, Anna Zimelli.

You can buy the book here and download the brochure (in Italian) here.


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