Algatechnologies Introduces Highest Content AstaPure® Natural Astaxanthin

Algatechnologies Ltd. (“Algatech”), a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural algae astaxanthin announces the launch of AstaPure® 20% astaxanthin oleoresin. This content of astaxanthin exceeds any in the marketplace.

“The new, advanced product allows our customers to offer much smaller, friendlier sized capsules without changing or reducing the astaxanthin dosage,” explains Efrat Kat, Director of Marketing and Sales at Algatech.

This innovative product is sourced from a rich astaxanthin biomass developed at the Algatech facilities. The oleoresin is then produced utilizing an advanced CO2 extraction technology that enables delicate extraction without the use of organic solvents, keeping astaxanthin’s natural bioactive properties intact.

“The combination of high quality and high concentration in astaxanthin products, plus extended shelf-life, is the perfect solution for natural astaxanthin inclusion in a variety of formulations,” adds Kat.

Algatech is a global biotechnology company specializing in the commercial cultivation of microalgae. The company recently announced another doubling of its production capacity for the AstaPure brand, following an investment of US$20 million in its facility in the Arava Desert.

This launch of high astaxanthin content oleoresin is in line with our strategy to bring added value to our customers by  developing advanced product forms as well as new active ingredients utilizing Algatech’s unique technologies” says Hagai Stadler, CEO of Algatech.

Algatech’s cultivation process employs a closed system that remains completely exposed to natural sunlight. This allows an environmentally controlled process for the production of high-purity astaxanthin ingredients.

The AstaPure line also includes a 10% astaxanthin oleoresin; 2.5% and 2% astaxanthin vegetarian beadlets; 3% astaxanthin powder and 4mg astaxanthin capsules, supplied in bulk.

All AstaPure products can be used across multiple forms of dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, foods and beverages.

Algatech holds Kosher, Halal ISO 9001-2008, HACCP and GMP international accreditations.

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Algae Astaxanthin Association Formed by Three Leading Astaxanthin Producers

Natural Algae Astaxanthin manufacturers Fuji Chemical Industry Co Ltd. (AstaREAL®), Tokyo, Japan, Algatechnologies Ltd. (AstaPure®), kibbutz Ketura, Israel and Cyanotech Corporation (BioAstin®), Hawaii, US, announce that they will form the “Natural Algae Astaxanthin Association,” (NAXA) a trade organization dedicated to educating the public and dietary supplement industry about the health benefits of Natural Astaxanthin and the major differences between sources.  These three founding members will welcome other algae-based astaxanthin producers to the Association in the near future.

Vincent Wood, GM International Sales & Marketing of Fuji Chemical Industry commented, “Each company faces different challenges in each market, yet we also share common goals. This organization can be the platform where the scientific and regulatory needs of algae astaxanthin can be addressed effectively.”

“The natural astaxanthin market has benefitted from great publicity over the last three years and the demand remains high” added Bob Capelli, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Cyanotech. “We understand that consumers still need a clearer understanding about the health benefits of natural algae astaxanthin so there is a strong desire amongst the natural astaxanthin players to educate.”

“It is an opportune time to get involved” notes Efrat Kat, Sales & Marketing Director, of Algatechnologies. “The popularity of astaxanthin has fuelled the entry of other players including synthetic astaxanthin suppliers and may potentially confuse the market. An organization dedicated to promoting and researching natural algae astaxanthin should improve public knowledge while enhancing the credibility of each company”.

NAXA will meet in January to formalize the organization and identify short to long term targets.

In the meantime, the founding members have agreed in principle that the association works on three objectives:

i.              To improve the awareness and promote the sales of natural algae astaxanthin to consumers and industry;

ii.             To differentiate natural algae astaxanthin from other sources;

iii.            To strengthen the regulatory position of natural algae astaxanthin.