How to protect your business in case of unregulated claims?

This video is taken from our last 2 h free Q&A session with our community (9th March 2022). In particular, we addressed many burning food law questions about unregulated claims. Follow us on LinkedIn to get noticed of our live and free events.

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4 thoughts on “How to protect your business in case of unregulated claims?

  1. Actually, Israel regulates “Natural” quite strictly… Requires both natural source and a production process that cosists only processes that are listed as permitted. And there is also ISO/TS 19657, but it is voluntary and aimed at B2B ingredients only.


    1. Hi Liat, I remember also case law about sugar in Israel? Are those criteria in an act having the force of law or just guidance documents / notes (soft law). In any case it would be great to have a reference or know more. Indeed we did the monitoring around 2 years ago and something might slip though!


      1. Hi Cesare, Yes, you are correct about the sugar case from a few years ago. These instructions are in a formal and binding standard (SI 1145 Labeling of Pre-Packaged Foods Annex C), that has the same power as a law.


      2. Thanks for the reference! I found indeed the version in Hebrew of teh standard and this summary on an official website:

        Optional Marking: Naming food as “natural”

        In the standard, there is a distinction between a food product known as a “natural” product and a product made from natural ingredients

        It is permitted to label a single food product or its section as “Natural “, without accompanying words, as long as the food is not a mixture of foods and has no added ingredients, and has not undergone any other processes from the processes specified in the Standard.

        Marking as” natural ingredient” – it is permitted when the ingredient is produced from food that satisfies the above criteria and sometimes by using of other processes specified in the Standard

        A food product created by mixing two or more “natural ingredients” and it does not contain non-natural ingredients, may be called “natural ingredients” but the food product should not be labeled “natural”.

        Food containing any component that is not a “natural ingredient”, for example, artificial flavor, should not be labeled “natural” or “natural ingredients”, but “natural” may be mentioned in the list of ingredients alongside the natural component

        “Natural-like component” – when the product has the same chemical composition as a “natural component” but is synthetically produced, the term “natural like” can be added to next to the component in the list of components only, but not in the entire product markings.


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