Food recalls in EU – Week 22

This week on the RASFF database (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) we can found three recalls from consumers in EU between the alert notifications:

– Pathogenic micro-organisms: Listeria monocytogenes in sliced smoked salmon, following an official control on the market. Origin Ireland, distributed also to United Kingdom.

– Pathogenic micro-organisms: Salmonella Schwarzengrund in frozen marinated turkey breast, following company’s own check. Origin Germany, distributed also to Denmark.

– Foreign bodies: glass fragment in nut nougat cream, following a consumer complaint. Origin Germany, distributed also to Poland and Ukraine.

Between the information for follow up we can find a suspicion of unauthorised novel food in african mango from USA, distributed to Finland, following a consumer complaint.

Regarding border rejections we have several notifications related to salmonella spp in frozen poultry meat preparation from Brazil, shigatoxin-producing escherichia coli in bovine meat from Brazil and Argentina, aflatoxin in nutmeg from Indonesia and an unauthorised irradiation on a food supplement from USA.

Regarding food contact materials we have a recall from consumers on melamine salad bowl from China (distributed in Cyprus, via Greece) for migration of formaldehyde.


5 thoughts on “Food recalls in EU – Week 22

  1. The RASFF portal is a real window on what is happening regarding unsafe /fake foodstuffs in the EU and has enabled several British newspapers to break news stories about the amount of horsemeat contaminated with the painkiller “bute” – which is illegal in meat for human consumptio – exported from the United Kingdom. For me, the real story is how much of these dangerous foods are actually getting into our countries given that in the UK, for example, the level of checks is decreasing because staff numbers are being reduced owing to economic problems. And never forget that RASFF also looks at animal feed. Another dioxin scandal – with all the attendant dangers for humans who eat meat contaminated with diesel oils etc – would badly damage consumer confidence.


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