Innofood Asia Conference – THAIFEX – Bangkok (30-31 May 2018)

Also this year I am on my way to Thailand to participate as a speaker at the Innofood Conference, within THAIFEX 2018, in Bangkok.

Innofood Asia Conference explores how collaborations in technology, food and design are sparking a major revolution in the way we view and interact with food. The conference aims to catalyze the spread of ideas and solutions creating a thriving food and beverage industry landscape with innovative business concepts and experiences.

On 30th May I will speak in the morning about the functioning of the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed as crisis management tool, to the benefit of international companies and local controlling authorities involved in the food chain, while on the second day I will participate to a very interesting food fraud panel discussion together with:

  • Yves Rey, Executive Director, International Food Authenticity Assurance Organization (IFAAO)
  • Megane S.C. Soo, National President, SMITA Malaysia
  • Carla Mejia, Regional Food Technologist, UN World Food Programme

You can find more information here, and download the full programme at the following link.

It will be a great occasion to meet my Asian friends a and share a cup of tea.

In case you are around, please write me at or drop me a message on whatsup at +39.3495275567.


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