Glutenfree Consulting

My friend Marco Valerio Francone is launching those days a new brand named Glutenfree Consulting, presented in Brescia at Glutenfree Expo (15-18 November 2013, Youtube video)

He is specialized in this sector and is now offering a new series of services.

We are cooperating on the weekly newsletter of legislative update and on the legal assistance for food business operators, but now is possible to have a more complete service for gluten free issues, especially regarding:

– research and development of gluten-free products;

–  gluten free system and product certifications;

– assistance in notifications and authorizations to the Authorities;

– assistance for start-up and new productive lines gluten-free;

– suppliers and producers selection and auditing;

– legal assistance;

– specific training.

Please check his website (in Italian only) or let me know if you are interested to have more information.


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