New Food-Tech Platform Optimizes Protein Cultivation

Tel Aviv, Israel – In the future, we will be able to grow veggie protein in an eco-friendly system, 24/7, summer or winter, outdoors or indoors. The future is now. Hinoman, Ltd., has created a cultivation system to address one of the major challenges in food healthy food product development’s for the coming decades. The … Continue reading New Food-Tech Platform Optimizes Protein Cultivation


Glutenfree Consulting

My friend Marco Valerio Francone is launching those days a new brand named Glutenfree Consulting, presented in Brescia at Glutenfree Expo (15-18 November 2013, Youtube video) He is specialized in this sector and is now offering a new series of services. We are cooperating on the weekly newsletter of legislative update and on the legal assistance … Continue reading Glutenfree Consulting