Vitafoods 2014 – Updates

On 6th May I’ll visit Vitafoods 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Vitafoods is a well established global nutraceutical event. From 6th to 8th May 2014 at the Palexpo in Geneva there will be all the major companies in this field exhibiting and presenting new products.

The event is completed by a conference, market analysis, exhibitor presentations, themed exhibition tours, ingredient showcases  and regulatory masterclasses delivered from Leatherhead Food Research (UK based consultancy firm).

Here the website of the event:

You can register for free to the exhibition and, if you want, meet me there on 6th May.

Here below some updates from Vitafoods events:

Finished Products Europe is set for its biggest and most dynamic event yet

  • 25% bigger in size than in 2013
  • Brand new visitor attractions and educational content

Finished Products Europe, 6-8 May, Palexpo, Geneva

Now in its ninth year, Finished Products Europe – Europe’s leading functional food and drink and dietary supplements event – moves up a gear for 2014 with more exhibitors, more products, more educational content and more distribution and business opportunities.

More than 175 global suppliers including Balarama, Carmit Candie Industries, Hankintatukku Oy, Nutrisan and Strapharm will come together from 6-8 May to offer off-the-shelf and private label products as wide-ranging as high-protein bars and shakes, functional lollies and enriched milk. Visitors can meet with exhibitors to discuss the development of bespoke solutions that can be tailored to complement existing ranges for point of difference in store. Finished Products Europe has the added benefit of its co-location with the nutraceutical industry’s premier event Vitafoods Europe exhibition and conference where visitors can discover novel ingredients for incorporation into their current product offerings or distribution ranges.

Making its debut in 2014, The Finished Products Theatre will provide a focal point for visitors to access presentations highlighting the latest market developments, future trends and leading-edge products as presented by experts from across the industry. Sessions include ‘Global trends in beverage innovation’, ‘Novel lipid analysis for functional food and ingredients development’, ‘Synofit, a new powerful natural solution to osteoarthritis’ and ‘Global trends in dairy innovation’. An in-depth panel discussion with recently-founded Food Supplements Europe also promises to deliver perspectives on the supplement industry’s role as a major player in contributing to public health and nutrition policy. The ‘FSE: Leading the Food Supplements Industry in Europe’ presentation will be chaired by Ingrid Atteryd, Svensk Egenvård and feature representatives from companies including Amway.

Promoting entrepreneurialism, a new Innovation Pavilion is dedicated to start-up companies that are emerging as a new source of exciting product development for the industry. Exhibitors already confirmed include Africa-inspired health and beauty brand Aduna, specialists in white tea matcha Miracle Matcha and champions of Central American herbal extract Odyliresin™ Iresine International. A new Hungarian Pavilion will also offer visitors the chance to meet with suppliers from this flourishing region.

Chris Lee, Portfolio Director said: “Finished Products Europe is growing rapidly, providing visitors with the opportunity to meet with more diverse suppliers from across the globe. To reflect the dynamism in the market, we’ve added new content which we believe offers our visitors invaluable insight that will help guide product range development. The show’s co-location with Vitafoods Europe offers visitors the unique ability to have access to three events in one, and see how ingredients come to life in end-products that are marketable and appeal to consumers.”

In addition to new show content, the New Products Zone will showcase recent product launches – including a cure for hangovers, a caffeine-free energy booster and a soothing chocolate drink – providing a guide for visitors at the show. The Tasting Bar also offers visitors the chance to discover exciting product innovation. By sampling products on display, visitors can compare the latest innovations to source products that best match their current on-shelf offerings. This year’s Tasting Bar includes chocolate balls packed with live bacteria, CoQ10 gummy sweets, high-protein hazelnut cookies, cheesecake protein bars, brain health shots, probiotic bears and an organic energy drink.

Innovation Tours led by Nutrimarketing will lead visitors to stands where exhibitors will offer product sampling and demonstrations – themes for this year are ‘Stay smart’, ‘Stay alert’ and ‘Stay mobile’, highlighting potential revenue avenues for visitors in these innovation areas. For those keen to gain regulatory guidance, EAS Strategic Advice will be offering one-to-one sessions covering product formulas, labelling and claims, as well as compliance in the EU and the CIS and Russian region.

To register your attendance visit:

For further details about Finished Products Europe and Vitafoods Europe, visit or To hear about the latest show news or take part in the industry debate, join our Linkedin groups or or follow us on Twitter @fpeurope or @VitafoodsEurope


Dr Vesa-Pekka Judin is Managing Director at Aromtech. Aromtech is a manufacturing, research and development company that specialises in the fields of food supplements and personal care ingredients made of Northern berryoils and arctic plants. At Finished Products Europe Dr Judin will be discussing the new health and beauty concepts that Aromtech offer based on CO² extracted Northern berry oils. The presentation will be taking place in the Finished Products Theatre from 11:45-12:15pm on Tuesday 6th May.

“A holistic approach toward beauty has gained momentum in recent years and the importance of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, in addition to high quality cosmetic products, have been recognised and approved as elemental in dealing with ever more demanding beauty standards.

Skincare continues to be the largest category in the global beauty market and consumers are constantly looking for innovative ways to keep their skin looking young. When the skin’s well-being is affected, it is noticeable in both appearance and function, losing hydration, elasticity and density. One of the resulting skin conditions from dry and inflamed skin can be atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema.

Traditional remedies rely on topical creams that are applied directly to affected areas. However, as consumers become more savvy to how nutrition plays a role in skin health, nutricosmetics are increasing in popularity.

In the Finished Products Europe Theatre, Aromtech is introducing a new skincare concept through the combined ingestible and topical use of CO² extracted Northern berry oils. The presentation will feature in-depth results from recent clinical trials and efficacy tests made with Sea Buckthorn Oil, Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Lingonberry Seed Oil in both ingestible and topical use.

In terms of efficacy, when presented in easy to swallow capsules the oils presented a sustainable skin effect whereas an immediate effect was provided when using Northern berry oils in creams and lotions.

Berries have long been known to hold multiple benefits. Those three berry types are rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin A type antioxidants and have been shown to support a wide range of claims, from skin protection to brightening, lenitive and anti-ageing efficacies.

Previously, consumers were sceptical about supplements that promised to improve their beauty, due to the desire for instant results. However things are changing as they realise a dual approach, involving topical application and ingested supplements, work better in the long-term.

In a receptive and booming market place, the combination of a proven and effective product that can be matched in strength by the appeal of its source can lead to truly glowing results.


Dr. Julio Sampaio is CEO/Head of Analytics at Lipotype GmbH. Lipotype is a spin-off company from the Kai Simons and Andrej Shevchenko labs of the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany. Dr Julio is presenting in the Finished Products Theatre at this year’s Finished Products Europe and will be introducing a novel technology platform for lipid analysis. The presentation will be taking place in the Finished Products Theatre from 11:45 – 12:15 pm on Thursday 8th May.

“Lipids have long been used in the development of functional food and drink products. Omega-3s for example, are one of the huge success stories of the nutraceutical industry – not only do they enjoy high recognition among consumers across the globe but they also hold approved health claims status including coveted article 13 EFSA health claims. But omega-3s aren’t the only lipids used in nutraceutical products – medium-chain triacylglycerols, conjugated linoleic acids and oils such as cottonseed and sesame all offer their own benefits.

For manufacturers it is essential that ingredient quality is ensured but that costs are kept to a minimum – while consumers are willing pay a premium for nutraceutical products, they don’t want to pay over the odds. We have developed technology that allows quick and comprehensive lipid identification and quantification for the food, pharma and chemical industry.

With detailed information on structural and quantitative lipid composition, manufacturers and suppliers can facilitate the optimisation of microorganisms and adjust culture conditions to ensure maximum production efficiency for the compound in question. What’s more they can also use this information for quality assurance, determination of metabolic state and lipid quantification down to sub-picomolar range.

In a crowded market, manufacturers need to differentiate themselves. Consumers are becoming ever more discerning about the foods and drinks they choose, expecting the highest quality products, especially in nutraceuticals where they are seeking a health benefit. By using new technologies such as lipid analysis to assure quality control, manufacturers can create consistently high quality products for their consumers.”


Rieneke Vlaanderen-van Laar is Scientific & Regulatory Affairs employee at Synofit. Synofit is a Marketing & Sales organisation focussed on developing and marketing innovative products for healthy joints. At Finished Products Europe Rieneke will explore global osteoarthritis problems and how nutraceutical products can help improve quality of life for sufferers. The presentation will be taking place in the Finished Products Theatre from 12:30 – 13:00pm on Wednesday 7th May.

“More than 400 million people worldwide suffer from joint problems and there is no cure. Conditions such as osteoarthritis make it difficult for individuals to take part in every day life, for example playing sport, being active with their children or grandchildren, or in the most severe cases preventing them for going on short walks in their local area.

Inflammation is a core contributor to pain and in order to give people with joint problems a better quality of life it is important to fight it. However this is not without its issues – many anti-inflammatory drugs currently on the market have multiple side-effects. For consumers, these can sometimes outweigh the benefits leaving them with a difficult choice to make.

For a product to be met with success it must demonstrate its ability to tackle the problem and significantly improve a consumer’s quality of life.

Natural supplements such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate have focussed on regenerating cartilage, which is not proven to help ease inflammation, meaning pain and swelling persists and their the success of the product has failed to be adequately demonstrated.

But hope is on the horizon for joint pain sufferers. New supplements like the liquid combination of Green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus), Curcumin (Curcuma longa) and Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) leaf that is used in Synofit show very encouraging results in effectively fighting inflammation without side effects. Scientific double-blind placebo controlled research is also creating a bank of evidence to support Synofit as a safe anti-inflammatory remedy against osteoarthritis.

Joint pain is a problem that won’t go away. As populations across the globe age, pressure is being put on health care providers who can’t cope with the increasing incidence of age-related problems, which include osteoarthritis. Now more than ever, consumers are linking diet to health and using supplements to improve their quality of life. But, unlike in the past, they are not willing to deal with negative side effects. Products that tackle joint health are popular propositions but it’s the ones backed by science and with few side-effects that will ultimately lead to success.





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