Petition to limit the use of palm oil in backed goods

More than 40.000 people have joined the petition launched a week ago by on to stop the massive use of palm oil, present in 95% of baked goods.

Palm oil is the main fat in almost all the cookies, snacks, sweet and savory snacks. Extensive use of this raw material is due to the extremely low cost, and to the fact that it has similar characteristics to the butter. Palm oil has several uses in foodstuff, but is rich in saturated fats and often is not harvested and produced in an ethical and environmental acceptable way (i.e. deforestation, land grabbing, dismal working conditions…).

It could be extremely useful to limit the use of such ingredient and to stimulate product’s reformulation, granting in the meantime that palm oil is harvested in a sustainable way and paid the right price.

To subscribe the petition click here.


One thought on “Petition to limit the use of palm oil in backed goods

  1. Another interesting question in this regard concern the use of “clean labels” such as “palm oïl-free”. In Belgium and France, some people argue that such claim would fall under the scophe of the EU Claims Regulation and should be assimilated to the nutrition claim “Low Saturated Fat”. This is however a controversial issue.


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