Vote Foodlawlatest on LinkedIn Next Wave – Top professionals under 35 changing the industry

Dear readers,

Last year LinkedIn, the global social network for professionals, launched the “Next Wave“program to discover the top 150 under 35 professionals which are changing 15 different industrial sectors with their fresh minds and innovative ideas.

Most of you followed me and this platform for more than 2 years now, significantly contributing to an unexpected success: this year the blog will get more than 100.000 clicks from 130 countries in the world. With most of you I had the pleasure to meet in person and your incredible energy and terrific support is the main reason why I keep going.

If you believe that speaking about the food chain problems in a transparent and legally sounded way is the right approach, if you think that creating a level playing field of clear rules is the only option to have safer food on our tables, if you think that this platform helped to change a bit the global consciousness about the food chain problem and that my efforts in building an innovative model of consulting services are something valuable, please take 5 minutes to fill the following form and give your opinion (sector: “food and leisure”).

That would greatly help the blog to stay on the top of the wave also in 2016!

Thank you.


Here below some of the most successful articles:


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