Milan Expo – Conference “Internet of (every)thing and smart agriculture”

Tomorrow I will be in Milan Expo attending this interesting conference organized by the Tech and Law Center, an interdisciplinary center promoted by a research group composed of members from Università di Milano, Università di Milano–Bicocca, Università dell’Insubria and Politecnico di Milano. The center projects and events address digital technologies and their interaction with law and society.

The event will be on 10 September at 14.30 in the Conference Room of the Cluster “Isole, Mare, Cibo” at EXPO, Milan.

I will be hanging around Expo all day, so it could be also a great opportunity to share a coffee with any interested reader of my blog, in case you’ll be there.

Here’s a brief description of the conference and all the relevant info:

Internet of (Every)thing and Smart Agriculture

The interaction between physical objects and sensors connected to Internet makes it possible to exchange information in a manner which has never previously been possible anywhere in the world and to render smart objects inanimate in order to provide functionality and services which have not yet been fully explored.

Internet of (Every)Thing (IoE) entails various levels: from the smart home to the production of goods, among which food, and to the management of natural resources, like water. The IoE can therefore vary from examples of “consumer” oriented interconnected devices to more “enterprise” driven business cases, raising the interest of Governments and public administrations as well.

One of the most interesting field for our State’s future is the “smart agriculture”, monitoring micro- climate parameters supporting agriculture to improve products’ quality, to reduce risks coming from unpredictable weather phenomenon, to rationalize resources and to reduce the environmental impact.

If on one hand the IoE will make the world a better place to live, on the other hand it will be paramount to prevent and impede possible future abuses and violations.

The goal of the meeting is to gather international technical and legal experts to discuss opportunities and risks of IoE world.

Please, find here a brief description of the event, the agenda and the flyer.

Conference – Expo Milan – Food and Agricultural Markets Instability: Policies and Regulation Perspectives

I am pleased to signal you to the upcoming conference titled “Food and Agricultural Markets Instability: Policies and Regulation Perspectives” during Expo Milan 2015.

The conference is jointly organised by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre,  Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and the 7th Framework Programme Project ULYSSES (Understanding and coping with food markets volatility towards more stable World and EU food systems).

The conference is part of the activities promoted by the Scientific Committee for Expo 2015 and the European Union, in which all the Milan Universities are actively involved. During the conference, international experts will discuss how food and agricultural markets can become more stable, and what policies and regulatory frameworks should be implemented to make world food systems more efficient, sustainable and predictable.
The conference will take place at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Room Pio XI, Largo Gemelli 1, Milan) on July 9, and at the EU Pavilion at Expo – Room Europa on  July 10.

The final confirmation of participation for those who request an invitation for July 10, guarantees a Free Expo Entry ticket for the work session that will be held at the EU Pavilion in Expo.

The program can be downloaded here.

For more details and to register, please visit this website or go to the registration page.