FVO report in Bulgaria – Weak controls on consignments transiting in EU

Still surprised food frauds happen? The following report is quite a good example of why…

The report describes the outcome of an audit carried out by the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) in Bulgaria 26 to 30 January 2015.

The objective of the audit was to evaluate the official control system implemented by the competent authorities on consignments transiting the EU. The competent authority ensures that only eligible direct transit consignments enter the EU territory and that transiting goods always leave the Union as required by EU legislation.

Controls of indirect transits at warehouses are inadequate and traceability is compromised.

The competent authority was unaware of the requirement to control EU goods re-entering from external transits, which gives rise to the possibility that non-eligible consignments can enter the EU territory and pose an animal health risk.

The system of verification over the controls on transit consignments is not effective in detecting and correcting important errors. Shortcomings are allowed to persist. The relevant recommendations from report DG SANCO 2014-7025 regarding verification have not been satisfactorily addressed.

The report makes additional recommendations to the competent authorities of Bulgaria aimed at rectifying the identified shortcomings and/or further enhancing the controls in place.

(Source: FVO website)


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