Food Veterinay Office on Youtube

Today I want to compliment with the FVO for this wonderful video and for their smart approach to technology and social media. FVO is certainly not the most well known office for the public, but is one of the main guardian of the safety of the foodstuffs on your table.

The FVO carries out audits, inspections and related non-audit activities to ensure that EU  legislation on food safety, animal health, animal welfare, plant health and in the area of medical devices is properly implemented and enforced. This means EU citizens enjoy a high level of safety, and that goods are traded under safe conditions.

With a team of some 180 professionals from most EU  Member States the FVO’s primary role is to conduct audits or inspections to ensure the national authorities are fulfilling their legal obligations. This can be done during on-the-spot audits, or by desk based exercises or collation of Member States data. The audit is on the system not individual premises and it culminates in a written report. You can find reports for both Member States and non-EU countries by clicking on Audit Reports or on the interactive map.

The office also produces overview reports that provide a summary of a series of audits conducted in a certain sector. This provides information to all stakeholders and contributes to the development of legislation.


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