UK – Facebook and e-Bay pledge to curb on fake reviews on online products

In a win for online shoppers, Facebook and eBay have signed up to agreements to better identify, investigate and respond to fake and misleading reviews after the Competition and Markets Authority UK (CMA) told them to address this issue. Facebook and e-Bay pledge to the UK CMA (Competition and Market Authority) to curb on fake reviews on online products.
On 8th January 2020, in response to CMA concerns, Facebook and eBay have taken action to tackle the trade of fake and misleading reviews on their websites.
The websites:
– promptly took down the content that the CMA had identified and brought to their attention
– removed similar content that they identified themselves
-agreed to put measures in place that will help prevent this content from appearing on their websites in the future.
A recent research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has revealed that small businesses use online platforms for cross-border trade because they help to promote their products in untapped markets at a reduced risk, raise brand awareness, foster consumer trust, and reduce the associated costs with internationalisation. But this is not coming without problems. with the most commonly reported problems being fake reviews (21%) and sudden changes to terms and conditions (19%).

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