Nutrimi – Public speaking on fish labelling (Milan 4/4 – 2014)

On 4th April 2014 I’ll be in Milan, at Nutrimi (, VIII International Forum on practical nutrition, for a brief speech about the new rules regarding fish labeling.

New rules on labeling of fish products will be applied in all the European Union on 13 December 2014. They will allow consumers to have more accurate information and at the same time they have been conceived as a defensive tool against the most common fraudulent conducts that afflict the sector.

The new rules are included in the ongoing process of renewal of the whole common fisheries policy in the EU and, more generally, of the regulation of the Common Organization of the Market (COM).

The new Regulation (EU) n. 1379/2013, published on the Official Journal of the European Union on 28 December 2013, interests the fishing industry in all its aspects (professional organizations, competition, common marketing standards, etc..) and the labeling occupies only the Chapter IV (art. 35-39) of the Regulation: it is entitled “Consumer Information”, with a clear tribute to the new EU Regulation on labeling of foodstuffs (Regulation (EU) n. 1169/2011, or FIC “Food information to Consumers” Regulation).

It will be interesting to evaluate the interactions between the Reg. (EU) n. 1379/2013 and the FIC Regulation.

If anyone wish to attend this panel (or the entire day of conferences), it’s possible to download the entire program here, or you can contact me directly.


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