Practical seminars on FIC Regulation (Reg. UE n. 1169/2011) – New labelling requirements

In cooperation with Bureau Veritas Italia, global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility, and MV Consulting, a firm operating on food&beverage, food contact materials, gluten-free products and voluntary certifications (BRC-IFS-ISO-FACE-Halal), I will be in several cities around Italy for a new interactive course about the upcoming FIC Regulation (Reg. UE n. 1169/2011 on food information to consumers).

The aim of the course is to offer you and your company not only the legislative framework which will rule food labelling from 14th December 2014, but also insights about forthcoming issues, loopholes, enforcement and interpretation problems and technical questions, in a practical and innovative way.

The course will be hold in Bureau Veritas offices in several cities:

  • 30th April 2014 – Florence;

  • 14th May 2014 – Rome;

  • 20th May 2014 – Naples;

  • 6th June 2014 – Cagliari;

  • 20th June 2014 – Catania;

  • 30th June 2014 – Milan;

  • 3rd July 2014 – Pescara;

  • 15th July 2014 – Perugia;

  • 17th July 2014 – Bari;

  • 21st July 2014 – Padova;

  • 18th September 2014 – Cosenza;

  • 26th September 2014 – Bologna;

  • 24th October 2014 – Turin.

We are updating cities and dates, due to the high request of this kind of seminar.

To know more about the details and book your place, you can contact Bureau Veritas offices or download the brochure and all the info from MV Consulting website, at the following link: Download the brochure.

See you there!


2 thoughts on “Practical seminars on FIC Regulation (Reg. UE n. 1169/2011) – New labelling requirements

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