Food Safety Practical Seminar – RASFF system explanation and food alert management

On 30th September in Bologna, I will be speaker in a half-day practical seminar about the RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) and the food alert management. This seminar is organized in strictly cooperation with Eurofishmarket, but it is thought to adapt to every kind of food company. It could be of extreme interest for quality assurance, regulatory and supply chain managers, legal officers and lawyers, veterinaries, as well as officers involved in official controls.

The session will comprise a brief exam of the RASFF origin, of its legal basis and of the functioning/types of notifications. After that we will analyze some practical cases, to better understand why this tool is so useful to guarantee food safety in EU and also which are the possible shortcomings of the system and its future perspectives.

Finally, all the participants will be involved in a brief guided simulation, to apply what we learned during the first part of the course.

The venue will be the meeting room of the restaurant “Leoni” of Bologna (Piazza De Mello, 4

HERE you can find the brochure and all the details to book your place at the seminar, before 16th September.

Eurofishmarket was founded in 2004 and it is a leading firm specialized in marketing, training and legal services on seafood sector.

Eurofishmarket’s Team consists of skilled professionals with a global reach: technical advisors including veterinaries with significant experiences of the fish and aquaculture sector, media experts, video developers and lawyers.


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