Food Chat n. 3 – Toma Barbarasa on food supplements, deposit return schemes, and food law in Romania

In this third interview, Toma Barbarasa on:

5:41 a Trans-Siberian railroad journey experience;

11:54 the lack of harmonization in food supplements EU market and Romanian rules for marketing them;

20:53 the official controls organization in Romania

31:10 botanicals

33:13 CBDs

39:49 the new deposit return scheme for packaging in Romania

48:56 the impact of the Ukrainian conflict on the Romanian market

53:49 on work-life balance

Toma is an experienced attorney-at-law with a history of working in the food and life science industries. Highly skilled in Food (labeling, supplements, registrations, etc.), Consumer Protection, Narcotics / Psychotropics (Cannabis, THC, CBD), Cosmetics, Detergents, Product Law, and Feed matters, he just founded his own firm.


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