Top 10 articles in 2022

As usual, here we are with our yearly recap of the top posts, according to your preferences:

  1. Breaking news – MOAH levels in food in EU settled: this online multi-platform live streaming session went over the moon and was quoted in the main specialized press. The topic was hot, since the definition of provisional maximum levels for MOAH – even if technically not binding – was a bold move by the EU Commission.
  2. FAO/WHO take on precautionary allergen labeling (PAL): the work of FAO/WHO committee towards the definition of food allergens threshold is one of the key concerns of all food safety practitioners. By the way, you can now find here the full report!
  3. Italy postpones mandatory environmental labeling…again! But now the new requirements are applicable (1st Jan 2023).
  4. Mandatory environmental labeling in Italy explained: this post was about an online webinar that we organized on the above-mentioned new labeling mandatory information for Italy. The webinar is still relevant and can be purchased upon request ( in case you are interested). In this post you can find a video abstract from the webinar, which is also a perfect introduction to our new YouTube Channel (a must-subscribe for all passionate about food! Interviews, live streaming sessions, shorts and much more…).
  5. Romania takes too small steps in the implementation of the deposit return system for beverage packaging: insights from our friend and colleague Toma Barbarasa around the upcoming deposit return scheme for packaging in Romania. More in this interview with Toma!
  6. YouTube: food labeling and trends in the food industry: a recap video of Food Law Latest activities for 2021 and predictions for 2022 that I am proud to say I got quite right: a) increase of environmental labeling obligations and deposit return schemes (RIGHT!) b) front-of-pack labeling EU proposal will be postponed (RIGHT!) c) plant-based is losing steam, too many products, and too similar to each other (RIGHT!). The economic downturn helped me to be honest… d) last-mile delivery and black kitchen development, even if profitability problems could affect such businesses and some businesses will crash (quite right: nobody crashed but, for instance, Gorillas was forced to leave markets like Italy and Spain) e) upcycling of food ingredients increase (RIGHT!)
  7. News from FDA about allergens and E.coli outbreak in lettuce management: typical article around food safety news coming from USA FDA.
  8. The price of chaos: one of the most successful issues of my LinkedIn Newsletter, examining the impact of geopolitical events on food prices and supply chains.
  9. Best before dates and food waste: brief article + bonus video on the relationships between “best before” dates understanding by consumers and food waste.
  10. Wine E-labeling is coming: E-labels on wine will be a reality before the end of 2023 when nutrition information and ingredients list shall be provided on the bottles or via QR codes or similar electronic means


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