YouTube: food labeling and trends in the food industry

Recently, we produced more video content. We invite you all to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more. Soon we will be publishing more live broadcasts, interviews, full events, and excerpts from conferences and events. You can find samples in this article.

  1. Live Q&A sessions, streamed on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube. Topic: Regulatory Trends in 2022

2) A short from our recent webinar “EU Food Labeling Masterclass” (10th February 2021), about where to find useful resources about such topic:

3) A short about the accreditation of analytical methods and trust, taken from the Webinar: “Non-Targeted Methods in the focus” (30th Nov 2021)

4) A full webinar about trade facilitation in agriculture organized by UN-ESCAP:

5) An all-around interview about me and my work with Vladimir Surcinski, where we discuss about food fraud, certification, crisis management, labeling and much more:


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