Vienna 24th-25th October – Clean Label speech at Starch World Europe

On 24th and 25th October I will be in Vienna for Starch World Europe, a conference organised by CMT and endorsed by Starch Europe, leading trade association for the starch sector in EU.

I will be honored to chair the morning of October 24th and to give my speech about clean labeling meaning and legal issue in the same afternoon.

Here you can see the full program and register. The venue will be the charming NH Hotel Danube city, in the heart of Vienna.

Here below a short description of the main issues discussed, directly from the website.

“With the talks on TTIP still ongoing, EU negotiators have been warned of the potentially damaging impact of increased market access for US maize, starch and ethanol industry. For EU agriculture and those facing additional competition what could be done to improve the EU position and more relevantly, how will this affect EU Starch Industry ?

With EU sweetener production quotas due to be abolished in October 2017, the key question that is being asked is which sweetener will be best placed to meet EU demand. 

Lifting of quotas will also mean more opportunities for starch-based sweeteners with more competition from isoglucose made from corn or wheat.

It is predicted that isoglucose’s share of the EU sweetener market will rise from about 3.5 per cent to more than 10 per cent after 2017. 

With current trends focused on health and wellness, Clean Label Starches are gaining traction on a global level, More food manufacturers are increasingly swapping out chemical modified starches for label friendly alternatives.

Recently Beneo launched their native rice starch – Remypure with no chemical modifications. In June, Avebe also launched their clean label potato starch for meat applications while Ingredion continues to offer its broadest range of clean label starches to the market.

Still there is no clear definition on what constitutes clean label as it can mean different things to different consumers and food manufacturers.

GMO free? No chemical modification? organic certification and sourcing?”

New Low-sodium, MSG-free Salt Ingredient Boost flavor and saltiness in Sauces

In the rush to the salt reduction is common to see new ingredients on the market which should help products’ reformulation. If in Italy, for instance, for the soups there is a voluntary protocol signed by the Associations for salt reduction, in many countries in the world (South Africa is the last one I discovered) there are legislative boundaries for salt content in several categories of foodstuffs, and the trend is: “reduction”.

Salt of the Earth Ltd. launches its Umami-Essence Sea Salt ingredient especially designed for a comprehensive range of sauces. Using Umami-Essence Sea Salt in a new or existing product formulation can help dramatically decrease sodium levels—in some formulations by up to 50%—while boosting flavor. The all-natural Umami-Essence Sea Salt is low in sodium and, most importantly, contains no MSG or artificial ingredients.

“This innovative ingredient can help food manufacturers keep the consumer-craved salty flavor while maintaining a low amount of sodium in the final application,” explains Aliza Ravizki, R&D manager of Salt of the Earth. “It’s a ready-to-use liquid formulation that can naturally intensify umami, the so-called 5th taste of the finished dish.”

The characteristics of Umami-Essence Sea Salt help food scientists innovate healthier reduced-salt recipes that contain only natural ingredients and don’t compromise flavor,” explains Giorit Carmi, Marketing Manager for Salt of the Earth. “It provides food manufacturers a much simpler way to include a clean label claim on products and to comply with the global salt-reduction agenda of cutting sodium in processed foods.”

“This is the first specifically umami-enhancing ingredient developed by Salt of The Earth,” adds Ravizki. “We tested the formulation in a range of sauces, pizza toppings and more and achieved outstanding results in terms of saltiness and savory flavor. This superior ingredient enables clean labeling while avoiding MSG and enhancing the final product flavor.”