Food recalls in EU – Week 1- 2014

This week on the RASFF database (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) we don’t have any recall from consumers in EU.

Between the alert notifications, followed by a withdrawal from the market of the product:

 Foreign bodies: glass fragments in chilled chocolate desserts, following a consumer complaint. Origin Belgium, notification from Germany;

Pesticides residues: ethephon in grapes, following company’s own check. Origin Namibia, notification from Netherlands, distributed also to Germany.

Regarding border rejections we have, among the others, high content of aluminium in potato vermicelli from China, nutmeg from India infested with moulds and with insects, formetanate in fresh peppers from Turkey, dicofol, profenofos and ethion in chilli peppers from India, pyridalyl and procymidone in chilled strawberries from Egypt, benzo(a)pyrene in smoked sardinella from Ghana, unsuitable transport conditions for frozen shrimps from India and poor temperature control of frozen squids from the United States.

For food contact materials we have border rejections for migration of chromium from scissors and from machines for slicing potatoes from China.

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