E-Book – FDA Requirements in a nutshell

Very similarly to EU, many new food business owners get discouraged when they see how confusing it is to decipher FDA’s regulations on proper food product labeling. The website is so extensive and regulations so numerous, that it seems impossible to read through all of them. And that’s not all. When you start reading frequently asked questions by food producers, or when you visit forums on this topic in the Internet, you realize there are many ambiguities that can be resolved only by consulting an expert. Anyway, e-book and guidelines are useful resources to have at least a general idea of the task.

Recently I found the following e-book, which tries to simplify FDA’s regulations and summarize the basics of food labeling in a visually engaging, easy-to-understand way. It shows you that the common food packaging label is made up of five parts: statement of identity, the product’s net weight, your address, ingredients list and nutrition facts. Further you’ll learn what every nutrition facts label needs to have and where it needs to be placed in order to be always visible to the consumer. The text is full of links to relevant FDA website pages.

Food producers can be exempted from food labeling and this ebook provides links to particular pages that explain how a food business owner can apply for exemption (for example, if the business is small and doesn’t exceed a certain amount of profit per year).

This ebook can also be helpful to consumers, because they often don’t realize the importance of a food label, the trouble a food producer goes through to accurately inform buyers about their product, and the real meanings of some information.

You can download the ebook and become a bit more knowledgeable about the USA food labelling.


3 thoughts on “E-Book – FDA Requirements in a nutshell

  1. Here is a question for you: Would you agree or disagree that product recalls (removals from the market) prove that the system is working as it should? It is my opinion that the role of the quality and regulatory systems are to prevent faulty products from getting on the market. In other words, recalls only prove that the system is operating in failure mode.


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