Rethinking the Global Approach to Food Fraud: A Comparative Overview

This year, as previously covered on the blog, I had the chance to lead a panel on food fraud at Alberto Alemanno‘s Summer Academy in Global Food Law and Policy, together with my dear friend and colleague Francesco Montanari, food lawyer in Lisbon and Senior Associate at Arcadia International.

We shared our common experiences – boots on the ground as well as on the side of the EU policymaking process – with all the participants and with rich discussion panel, including academics, NGOs and industry representatives: the ambition was to give a global picture of the new developments in EU, USA and China, introducing the transparency challenges the food industry would have to face in the near future.

We tried to summarize this worldwide trip in the field of food frauds in a 400 words blog published on the GFSR (Global Food Safety Resources) platform. You can read it clicking HERE.

For more info on the panel, practical cases or mitigation strategies, please write me at 


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