Food chat n. 1 – Bert Popping on food prices, new gene editing techniques, real-time screening devices and food fraud prevention

The 1st interview of our “Food chat” series is on, with Bert Popping, CEO of FOCOS, speaking about food prices spikes, new gene editing techniques, the impact of actual economic conditions and supply chain challenges on food frauds, and how to prevent food fraud in such a situation, in particular with real-time screening devices.

Bert is a dynamic and enthusiastic professional with 25 years of experience in government and industry laboratory testing business at all levels. He has strong strategic thinking and development skills, utilizing complex indicator models and extensive know-how in leading multi-national committees and senior management meetings. Strong communication skills as demonstrated in conferences, TV interviews, webinars, publications, and press releases. Recognized thought leader and influencer in the food industry and governmental scientific and policy working groups with outstanding networking skills, Bert is consulted by senior executives from the food industry and start-up companies for advice on strategic and analytical developments as well as by private equity funds and other investors interested in the TIC market.

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