Thank God it’s Friday! Quick news from the food world – Week 37

Here’s my selection of articles for the week:


– Regulating China’s Food Supply Chain: From Farm to Fork (Part 1)by Paul O’Brien;

– Approval system stopping supplements from reaching Chinese consumers, by RJ Whitehead on, 18-Sep-2014: Chinese food authorities are stopping many of their citizens from gaining access to the best quality health supplements as a result of their onerous approvals process, according to one British company.


– Scientist fires EU coffee warning ahead of EFSA caffeine publication, by Ben Bouckley+ on, 19-Sep-2014: a high-profile scientist warns that any move by EFSA to recommend lower upper levels of caffeine consumption below 300mg/day could be ‘very harmful’ for the EU coffee industry, ahead of a key publication.


– German appeal court rejects ‘natural’ vanilla suit against Ritter, by Oliver Nieburg+ on, 15-Sep-2014: a German appeal court has ruled that Ritter Sport’s vanilla flavor in its whole hazelnut product is correctly labelled after consumer group Stiftung Warentest challenged it.


– Food fraud uncovered at fish and chip shops, by Rod Addy+ on, 15-Sep-2014: food fraud is rife in fish and chip shops, with one in six fish samples bought differing from what had been ordered, according to sampling conducted for consumer group Which?

– ASA bars smoothie web claim, by Rod Addy+ on, 19-Sep-2014: an internet smoothie ad has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for misleadingly exaggerating the amount of fruit portions it contained.


– White House Calls for Action Plan to Address Antibiotic Resistanceby Lydia Zuraw, 18-Sep-2014, on The White House announced Thursday its plan to make the issue of antibiotic resistance a national priority.


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