100″ Food News n. 6 – Laboratory Fraud, Non-targeted methods, Country Of Origin Labeling

Brought weekly to you by Bert Popping, from FOCOS – Food Consulting…Strategically and Cesare Varallo from Food Law Latest.


00:29 TOPIC: Laboratory Fraud

00:39 Carne Fraca Investigation

01:53 Laboratories lose ISO 17025 accreditation

01:58 Three laboratories in Brazil banned from Inspection

02:39 TOPIC: Non-targeted methods

03:07 Decernis Food Fraud Database

03:27 Number of non-targeted methods developed over time

04:02 USP Guidance Document for non-targeted methods

04:15 AOAC Food Fraud Task Force & SMPR Development

04:44 TOPIC: Country of Origin Labelling

05:00 European PDO, PGI and TSG

05:14 Australian COOL

Foodlawlatest.com Top Ten 2016 Articles

Another year passed and thank you again to all my readers and followers for keep sharing and liking my posts.

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4. Food Fraud: An in depth discussion of new EU Regulation on official checks on food

5. Acrylamide evaluations in EU and USA – FDA Final Guidance on reduction in certain foods

6. Summer Academy in Global Food Law and Policy 2016

  1. Food Labeling Contrast between China and EU Regulations (Part II)

8. Entry-Exit Alerts for Chinese Food Market (Part 2) – Bird’s nests update

9. The Italian Law against food waste

  1. EU Preliminary Impact Assessment on Trans Fats policy options