10×10 CEO Interview

2020 Future of Food 10x10 CEO interview series #4 with John G. Keogh. We discussed some of the key issues impacting the food industry in 2020, including food labelling, allergens and compliance. https://youtu.be/Gb5f2nG3i68

100″​ Food News 8 – Labs data hack and Thaifex speech on nutrition labels

100" Food News, by Bert Popping of FOCOS - Food Consulting... Strategically and Cesare Varallo of Food Law Latest This week topics: 00:21 Major #laboratories affected by data #hack 01:18 New multi-#allergens portable sensor 02:00 #ILSI in the wrong light? 03:16 Cesare Varallo from THAIFEX 2019 on #nutritional #labelling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ox_Gr4m81eE