Thank God it’s Friday! Quick news from the food world – Week 37

Here’s my selection of articles for the week:


– Regulating China’s Food Supply Chain: From Farm to Fork (Part 1)by Paul O’Brien;

– Approval system stopping supplements from reaching Chinese consumers, by RJ Whitehead on, 18-Sep-2014: Chinese food authorities are stopping many of their citizens from gaining access to the best quality health supplements as a result of their onerous approvals process, according to one British company.


– Scientist fires EU coffee warning ahead of EFSA caffeine publication, by Ben Bouckley+ on, 19-Sep-2014: a high-profile scientist warns that any move by EFSA to recommend lower upper levels of caffeine consumption below 300mg/day could be ‘very harmful’ for the EU coffee industry, ahead of a key publication.


– German appeal court rejects ‘natural’ vanilla suit against Ritter, by Oliver Nieburg+ on, 15-Sep-2014: a German appeal court has ruled that Ritter Sport’s vanilla flavor in its whole hazelnut product is correctly labelled after consumer group Stiftung Warentest challenged it.


– Food fraud uncovered at fish and chip shops, by Rod Addy+ on, 15-Sep-2014: food fraud is rife in fish and chip shops, with one in six fish samples bought differing from what had been ordered, according to sampling conducted for consumer group Which?

– ASA bars smoothie web claim, by Rod Addy+ on, 19-Sep-2014: an internet smoothie ad has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for misleadingly exaggerating the amount of fruit portions it contained.


– White House Calls for Action Plan to Address Antibiotic Resistanceby Lydia Zuraw, 18-Sep-2014, on The White House announced Thursday its plan to make the issue of antibiotic resistance a national priority.

Thank god it’s Friday! News from the food world (Week 35/2014)

Here’s my selection of articles for the week:


– Energy drink binging, a deep analysis of the phenomena by Dr Stefan Fabiansson, food safety scientist and writer of the blog He has a past as Professor in Food Safety at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Chief Scientist at the NSW Food Authority and most recently Head of the Unit for Dietary and Chemical Monitoring at the European Food Safety Authority.


– Czech Republic confiscates 110kg of Indian botanicals, by Shane Starling+ on, 01-Sep-2014: Czech Customs authorities recently seized a shipment of Indian botanicals and have initiated proceedings against the importer, Haveli Foods.


Six Arrested in Chinese Scandal Over Expired Meaton, 02-Sep-2014: the six, who were arrested this past Friday, work for Shanghai Husi Food Co., which was found to be mixing outdated meat in with fresher supplies;

China Seeks To Build Trust In The Baby Formula Industryby John Balzano, on, 02-Sep-2014;

– Organic labeling on import food at – HFG Law Firm & Intellectual Property Practice, Association of Corporate Counsel, 17 August 2014


– Q&A: GMO cultivation in the EU, European Parliament News, 02-Set-2014: a brief Q&A to better understand EU GMOs regulatory framework.


– Health claims law trips up tea firm, by Rod Addy+ on, 03-Sep-2014: a company promoting healthy teas has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after falling foul of the EU’s nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR).


– Groups Call on Seafood Fraud Task Force to Require ‘Robust’ Traceability, on, 03-Sep-2014: earlier this summer, the White House established a Presidential Task Force on Combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing and Seafood Fraud and requested comments from the public to help inform and advise the task force in developing recommendations