FSVP final guidance for importers published by FDA

The publication of such a document by the US FDA is timely since we are noticing increasing enforcement of the FSVP program. Warning letters issued by the FDA report weekly cases of unauthorized FSVP importers. The document is very useful also in the initial part, where the field of application of FSVP and all the … Continue reading FSVP final guidance for importers published by FDA


Food chat selection – Food safety culture according to Francois Bourdichon

In this selection, Francois explains the origin of the food safety culture idea and tells us his experience on the field https://youtu.be/ytFDLhFuK3o If you like the video, check the full interview and subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/agb8SfwAWVMIf you'd like to have a Food Chat with me, propose topics at: foodlawlatest@gmail.com