100″​ Food News 8 – Labs data hack and Thaifex speech on nutrition labels

100" Food News, by Bert Popping of FOCOS - Food Consulting... Strategically and Cesare Varallo of Food Law Latest This week topics: 00:21 Major #laboratories affected by data #hack 01:18 New multi-#allergens portable sensor 02:00 #ILSI in the wrong light? 03:16 Cesare Varallo from THAIFEX 2019 on #nutritional #labelling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ox_Gr4m81eE


FVO report – Eggs and egg products in UK

This report describes the outcome of an audit carried out by the Food and Veterinary Office in the United Kingdom, from 3 to 13 March 2015. The objective of the current audit was to assess the control system in place concerning the production and placing on the market of eggs and egg products destined for human consumption. The … Continue reading FVO report – Eggs and egg products in UK