Hinoman’s Vegetable Whole-protein Ingredient Granted GRAS Status

Hinoman, Ltd., has been granted self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status for its Mankai, a vegetable whole-protein ingredient with high nutritional value. The announcement was made during the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) conference in Chicago, July 12-14.

The GRAS designation is for the use of Mankai in functional foods and beverages, and was confirmed based on scientific methods, as well as corroborated by extensive history of use in Asia Pacific. The status was endorsed by a third party-appointed panel composed of some of the top food toxicologists in the U.S. This approval clearly demonstrates Mankai’s preeminence in tests of food safety and purity.

The nutritional composition of the Mankai microgreen ingredient has been determined to be high in protein (at least 45-48%), low in fat (7-8%), with 24-45% carbohydrate content. Analysis of the amino acid composition reveals the protein to be a rich source of the entire group of essential amino acids.

“GRAS approval of the Mankai high-protein ingredient is a major step toward Hinoman becoming a key microgreen protein supplier in the U.S. market,” says Udi Alroy, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Hinoman. “Hinoman’s proprietary cultivation platform makes Mankai a reliable, sustainable food source for large-scale growth and consumption.”

Mankai is produced in an advanced hydroponic system that optimizes yield throughout the year. This precisely regulated aquaculture platform is highly controlled, operating under remote cultivation management and regulation. As a result, it ensures plant purity so that Mankai is clean and free from all pesticides and heavy metals, to a level that exceeds nutritional grade.

“The proprietary Hinoman technology enables strict standards of food safety and security, and both are critical to ensure a sustainable supply chain,” explains Ron Salpeter, CEO for Hinoman. “The system addresses the challenges of future agriculture and nutrition needs with simplicity and sustainability, providing a comprehensive, plant-derived whole-protein food solution.”

Chicago – Food and Beverage Marketing and Advertising Law Summit

Last year I was guest speaker at the Food Regulatory Compliance Summit in Chicago, organized by Momentum Events, and it was really a great learning and networking experience. You can find more details in the articles below:

– Chicago – Food Regulatory Compliance Summit experience;

– Chicago 3-4 October 2013 – Food Regulatory Compliance Summit – Momentum Events.

This year, presented in partnership with Loyola University, on September 15-16 at Loyola University in Chicago there will be the Food and Beverage Marketing and Advertising Law Summit – (Download the final program agenda).

Attendees of this event will benefit from a mind share of best practices for overcoming the most pressing advertising and marketing compliance challenges currently facing the food and beverage industry.

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Distinguished Conference Co-Chairs will be Kathryn Farrara, Senior counsel marketing at Unilever and my dear friend Miriam Maxwell, Senior Principal Regulatory Specialist at Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc.

Interactive working group sessions attendees will learn how to navigate the most common pitfalls and loopholes often found lurking in food marketing programs, as the session leaders identify practical strategies and proven tools for tightening and strengthening your existing operations with an eye towards crafting a legally-compliant ad campaign. The practical seminars will be driven by Kat Dunningan, Senior Staff Attorney at National Advertising Division, and Linda A. Godlstein, Partner, Chair, Advertising Marketing & Media Division at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP.

All attendees of a Momentum event receive an upgraded conference experience – there are no additional charges for optional elements. Included as part of the conference registration fee, you will receive:

  • Full and complete access to the entire event, including the main conference as well as your choice of working group session
  • Breakfast, Networking Luncheons and Coffee Breaks
  • Access to in-house focused roundtable discussions
  • Access to Momentum Connect our unique LinkedIn based social network enabling you to make appointments with fellow attendees before during and after the event
  • 3 post event webinars so that you can reconnect with fellow attendees and extend your learning experience throughout the entire year

Register visiting the website, email info@momentumevents.com or call 646-807-8555 to reserve your seat. Don’t forget – if you register as a guest of Food Law Latest blog you can save 10% off your registration. Use code FOODLAW10.