EU Regulation n. 665/2014: “Mountain product”

This Regulation, implementation of Regulation (EU) 1151/2012 ("quality package"), establishes the conditions necessary to use the optional quality term "mountain product". In particular, in order to prevent consumers being misled, it refers to products of animal origin (Article 1), feed (Article 2), apiculture products (Article 3), products of plant origin (Article 4), other ingredients (Article 5) and … Continue reading EU Regulation n. 665/2014: “Mountain product”


Protein Innovation

High interest in protein content and high-protein lines across the food and drinks market is continuing to develop, despite the fact that most European and North American consumers already get enough protein in their diets. This will be just one of the areas addressed by Innova Market Insights at its “Taste the Trend” Pavilion (Booth #3651) at … Continue reading Protein Innovation