Food recalls in EU – Week 28

This week on the RASFF database (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) we can find three recalls from consumers in EU between the alert notifications:

Allergens: undeclared egg in gravy mix, following an official control in a non-member country. Notification from Ireland, origin United Kingdom (via Australia).

– Allergens: undeclared milk ingredient, soya and wheat in sweets, following company’s own check. Origin Finland, distributed also to Estonia and Sweden.

– Biotoxins: rye ergot (Claviceps purpurea) in spelt, following company’s own check. Origin France, distributed also to Belgium.

We have also two recalls between the information notifications:

Non-pathogenic micro-organisms: infested with moulds focaccia, following company’s own check. Origin Italy, distributed to Denmark.

Pesticide residues: imazalil on conference pears, following an official control on the market. Origin Netherlands, distributed also to Denmark.

Between the alert notifications, followed by a withdrawal from the market:

Foreign bodies: metal pieces in thyme, following company’s own check. Origin France, distributed to Belgium.

Regarding border rejections we have, among the others, aflatoxins in pistachios from Turkey, Salmonella in frozen chicken meat and in forzen poultry meat preparations from Brazil, poor temperature control of and improper health certificates for frozen bovine meat (Bos taurus) from Namibia, shigatoxin-producing Escherichia coli in chilled boneless beef from Argentina, mercury in swordfish fillet (Xiphias gladius) from Sri Lanka, blanched peanuts from China infested with insects and Salmonella Tennessee in hulled sesame seeds from India.

Regarding food contact materials we have the following alert:

Heavy metals: Migration of cadmium and lead in ceramic cups, following an official control on the market. Origin China, distributed to Slovakia and Poland.


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