Food recalls in EU – Weeks 29-32

I had a couple of busy weeks, but now we can restart our weekly appointment. Here above the most significant cases.

During these weeks on the RASFF database (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) we have found a couple of very interesting and recent recalls from consumers in EU between the alert notifications:

– Pathogenic micro-organisms: clostridium botulinum in pesto, following company’s own check. Notification from Italy, origin Italy, distributed also to Albania, Cayman Islands, Denmark, France, Germany, Monaco, United Kingdom.

Packaging defective/incorrect: risk of breakage in beer bottles because of high activity of yeast, following company’s own check,. Notification from Netherlands, origin Belgium, distributed also to Denmark, Finland, France and Switzerland.

Between the alert notifications, followed by a withdrawal from the market:

– Foreign bodies: glass fragments in chocolate mousse, following a consumer complaint. Notification from France, origin France, distributed also to Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Regarding border rejections we have, among the others, aflatoxins in groundnuts and other nuts products from Turkey and China, Salmonella in chicken and turkey meat from Brazil, non authorised GMO in papaya from Thailand, shigatoxin-producing Escherichia coli in meat from Argentina and Brazil.

Regarding food contact materials we have the following alert:

Heavy metals: migration of cadmium and lead in glass cups, following an official control on the market. Notification from Slovakia. Origin China (via Poland), distributed also to Czech Republic, Estonia and Ukraine.


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