Breaking news – Italy postpones mandatory environmental labeling for 6 months

On 30th December 2021 has been published in the Italian Official Journal the Decreto Legge n. 228, 30th December 2021, (known also as “DL Milleproroghe”, in EN, literally: “Decree providing for a thousand of derogations.” Freud would be happy to analyze that, together with the Italian collective psychology).

In particular, art. 11, provides for the suspension of the mandatory obligation to label all packaging marketed in Italy as explained in our previous article until 30th June 2022, and the chance for the food business operator to market all products not compliant with new requirements placed on the market before 1st July 2022, till the exhaustion of the stocks.

It is also provided that, within 30 days from the entry into force of the obligation, the Ministry of Economic Transition will publish a decree with technical guidance about how to label correctly.

This postponement is helping some conscious companies to save some packaging stocks, but it is absolutely useless for those who spent money and time with the idea to be compliant by end of 2021. It is a gift to those who did not comply and as such an incentive to not comply with laws, not really needed in the Italian cultural landscape. I deeply hear those of you outraged by this derogation, because we worked hard with you, for more than 1 year, to meet this deadline.

So, basically, everything you know is postponed by 6 months. I remind you that we did also 2 successful webinars on the topic (one in Italian and one in English) this fall, and if you like to have the slides and the full recording you can write us at: . The material will solve 99% of your doubts and it will be released at the cost of 70 € (like the webinar).


4 thoughts on “Breaking news – Italy postpones mandatory environmental labeling for 6 months

    1. To everything is “packaging”. So to the box of gloves, not to gloves per se (but I am not an expert on medical devices so they might need other marking requirements)


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