Top 10 posts in 2021

This year we reached the non-trivial amount of 636 articles published on Food Law Latest.

In case you missed the most read in 2021, a good opportunity to catch up during the slow start of the year:

  1. New mandatory environmental labelling in Italy: by far the most read, even if this pioneristic experiment has been just postponed for its application from 1st Jan 2022 to 1st June 2022. See here.
  2. EU Commission – CBDs has to be considered novel food: an update over this controversial ingredients, that still today are considered novel food and waiting for an approval at EU level.
  3. South Korea Food & Regulation Recap: Q1: our usual recap in cooperation with Chemlinked.
  4. Brexit recap for food business operators: as our former premier Matteo Renzi told in a TV interview, “because Brexit is Brexit….”. No doubt Brexit created an additional layer of chaos in 2021;
  5. Webinar – Mandatory Environmental Labeling for Italy Explained (21st Oct 2021): the webinar with slides and full audio/video recording can still be purchased writing to We have both the EN and the IT versions available.
  6. The Netherlands endorses Nutri-Score – TRIS notification: the battle for the front-of-pack scheme that will rule them all is still raging. 2022 will bring some news from Bruxelles.
  7. Hydroponics – Organic or not? Our 2 cents on the issue and a brief analysis about EU and USA.
  8. EU Labeling – Prepacked foods offered for sale by means of distance communication: a clarification from the EU Commission about labeling obligations for e-commerce.
  9. Steviol Glycosides Labeling – What’s new? News about labeling and naming of new authorized sweeteners and existing ones.
  10. EU Food Law explained: until now, our most successful video on our YouTube channel, to which you’d be most welcome to subscribe. This year will be enriched of more content, interviews and webinars.

That’all folks. Happy new year!


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