Top 10 posts in 2021

This year we reached the non-trivial amount of 636 articles published on Food Law Latest. In case you missed the most read in 2021, a good opportunity to catch up during the slow start of the year: New mandatory environmental labelling in Italy: by far the most read, even if this pioneristic experiment has been just … Continue reading Top 10 posts in 2021


Steviol Glycosides Labeling – What’s new?

A new enzymatic process for the production of steviol glycosides resulted in the modification of food additive regulations. Regulation EU 2021/1156 of 13 July 2021 modified Annex II of Regulation EC 1333/2008 and the Annex of Regulation EU 231/2012, introducing a new food additive to the list. The new additive is named “E 960c enzymatically … Continue reading Steviol Glycosides Labeling – What’s new?