South Korea Food Regulatory Updates in Spotlights 2022

ChemLinked Lorraine T.S. Li compiled South Korea's most significant regulation updates in 2022. The highlights include: inspection of foreign food facilities, Food Code updates, packing material recyclability, nutrient formula foods, and health-functional foods. South Korea Restores On-site Inspection of Foreign Food Facility After a two-year remote inspection, the Ministry of Food and Drugs Safety (MFDS) … Continue reading South Korea Food Regulatory Updates in Spotlights 2022


Top 10 posts in 2021

This year we reached the non-trivial amount of 636 articles published on Food Law Latest. In case you missed the most read in 2021, a good opportunity to catch up during the slow start of the year: New mandatory environmental labelling in Italy: by far the most read, even if this pioneristic experiment has been just … Continue reading Top 10 posts in 2021