Top 10 articles in 2020

In case you missed them, here the top 10 articles for 2020: Japan – Updates about food allergen labelingRomania takes an important step in the legalization of medical CannabisProp 65 – California Citizens Make Hundreds of Claims Alleging Violations of Proposition 65 Law for “Toxics” In Foods During COVID-19 PandemicFrench Act on Transparency of agricultural and food … Continue reading Top 10 articles in 2020


Canadian Food Safety Information Network (CFSIN) announced

On 27th November 2020 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced the implementation of the Canadian Food Safety Information Network (CFSIN) with the aim to strengthen rapid response to food safety issues in the country. The vision and objectives of CFSIN were formed following a 2008 outbreak of listeriosis that tragically claimed the lives of 22 Canadians. Following … Continue reading Canadian Food Safety Information Network (CFSIN) announced