MSU Food Regulation in Latin America Online Course – Enroll now with a special discount

Michigan State University Food Regulation in Latin America course will be available online in Spanish and in English for Fall 2018 semester, starting on 29th August 2019.
I joined the IFLR team as guest instructor and I will lead 2 modules of the program on WTO and international standards. I am most honored and deeply grateful to Neal Fortin and Kris DeAngelo for giving me this great opportunity.
Brand-new course is perfect for students throughout the world who either prefer Spanish or who were previously unable to take our course due to the language barrier.
This course is designed also for working professionals and  presents current food issues, laws and regulations that impact Latin America. Food law topics including risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, food safety, international trade, and international entities such as FAO/WHO, WTO, and Codex Alimentarius will be highlighted.
In addition, detailed market specific information regarding labeling, additives, claims, and adulteration in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil as well as various Central American and Caribbean countries will be presented.
We are now completing the rosters and for the earliest subscribers to the Spanish taught version will be available a discount on tuition feesmentioning that you are Food Law Latest readers.
Write to for details on the program and tuition fees.
See you online!

Vienna (7-8th June 2018) 2nd MoniQa Symposium on Food Fraud Prevention and Allergen Management

In this moment I am travelling to Vienna to participate to this high level event on food fraud and allergen management. The 1st edition in Bari was a great success and I was honestly impressed by the high level of both networking and knowledge. This year I will focus on forensics, and especially on the legal value of data and on the role that new technologies – including blockchain – might have in producing more reliable and legally sounded data.

The Second International MoniQA Symposium on Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management, Vienna, Austria, 7-8 June 2018, will address food authenticity, food fraud and the need for simple labeling as major drivers for both the food industry and companies involved in rapidly developing new analytical technologies. This meeting brings together international experts in the fields of food authenticity and food allergens, as well as various food industries, SMEs, research institutions, associations and regulatory bodies, all having a different stake in food safety.

An exciting programme with practical litigation cases, with strategies and methods for detecting and combating food fraud, are presented by renowned speakers from around the world.

Join us in Vienna and get to know modern technologies that are looking for the “unknown” or to learn more about legal implications, protecting branded products, correct food labeling, and ultimately to maintain consumer trust. A special emphasis is given to food safety relevant issues and additionally to food allergen management.

For more information and to register please refer to

In case you will be there, please let me know at and join me for a coffee!

Speakers’ list:

Richard Cantrill, President, MoniQA Association, Canada (Chair)

Roland Poms, Secretary General, MoniQA Association, Austria (Co-Chair)

Adrian Rogers, Senior Research Scientist, Romer Labs UK, United Kingdom

Andrew CannavanLaboratory Head, Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations, Austria

Beatriz Torres Carrió, Senior Quality Assurance Manager, International Featured Standards (IFS), Germany       

Bert Popping, Managing Director and Co-owner, FOCOS, Germany

Cesare Varallo, Vice President – Business and Regulatory Affairs EU, INSCATECH, Italy

Clare Mills, Professor of Biological Sciences, Division of Infection, Immunity and Respiratory Medicine, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

David Psomiadis, Head of Laboratory, Imprint Analytics, Austria

John O’Brian, Deputy Head, Nestlé Research Centre, Switzerland

Karin Hoffmann-Sommergruber, Group Leader, Department of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research, Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Katharina Scherf, Research Group Leader, Leibniz-LSB, Technical University Munich, Germany 

Linda Monaci, Lead Scientist, ISPA-CNR, Italy

Michael Walker, Chair Strategic Food Surveillance Committee NI, LGC, United Kingdom

Paul Dewsbury, Vertical Marketing Manager – Food and Beverage, Thermo Fisher Scientific, United Kingdom

René Crevel, Director at René Crevel Consulting Limited, United Kingdom  

Riëtte van Laack, Director, Hyman, Phelps, & McNamara, P.C., USA

Ronald Niemeijer, Director Global Marketing Food & Feed Analysis, R-Biopharm, Germany

Sabine Baumgartner, Vice Rector, BOKU, Austria

Samuel Godefroy, Professor of Food Risk Analysis and Regulatory Systems, Food Security, Laval University, Canada

Sigrid Haas-Lauterbach, Division Manager Food & Feed Analysis, R-Biopharm, Germany

Steven Gendel, Senior Science Manager – Food, United States Pharmacopeia (USP),  USA

Thomas Gude, Deputy Head, SQTS, Switzerland