QeA to EU Commission – Allergy to apples ?!

In EU, as well as in USA and other countries with different allergens requirements (e.g. Japan), the choice of the legislator is to specifically consider as "allergens" - for labeling purposes - only the so called "major allergens": substances which account for the major % of food allergies found in the local population.  It could … Continue reading QeA to EU Commission – Allergy to apples ?!


FDA Warning Letter – “Healthy” products

This is an interesting example of warning letter issued by the FDA. It gives not only some indications about the use of the term "healthy", but examines also other profiles of non compliance about allergens ("Contains..."). "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed the label for your Dark Chocolate PlumSweets product in July 2014. Based … Continue reading FDA Warning Letter – “Healthy” products