Food chat n. 4 – Francesco Planchenstainer on innovation, novel foods & GRAS procedures

Our 4th Food Chat is out and is all about innovation and new ingredients.

Francesco is now a Director of Regulatory Affairs at Impossible Foods* and he’s pursuing an LLM in US law at Fordham University. He is a European-educated lawyer with a Ph.D. in comparative US and EU law; senior regulatory counsel expert in law and policy with longstanding experience both in the public (EU Commission) and private sector (US special nutrition – EU confectionery industry); legal researcher with a focus on international trade rules (WTO) and food law; speaker at food law conferences and organizer of an educational program for regulatory affairs executives; EU public affairs and advocacy professional.

(*all opinions expressed in the interview are only the speaker’s personal views and not the ones of Impossible Foods)


1:30 education and career

13:15 differences between EU and US regulatory systems and the impact on innovation

17:58 on US standards of identity

19:04 on “villain ingredients” and titanium dioxide ban (…only in EU…)

21:36 on the burden of proof about ingredient’s safety

28:00 on consumers’ expectations and risks of baking at home

31:16 on GRAS procedure (Generally Recognized As Safe)

34:46 on EU novel food applications

41:29 on the idea of “innovation”

45:28 final words of wisdom


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