Food Fraud Prevention and Crisis Management at Global Level Webinar – 10th Sept 2020

On 10th September 2020 we will present via webinar – with the kind cooperation of Packaging Meeting, the Italian Institute for Packaging – our new updated program on food fraud.

The objective of the course is to provide to crisis managers operating with or within the food companies the right set of tools to face and hopefully enhance food safety and prevent food fraud incidents.

The presentation will be full of actionable inputs and examples from real case studies. The food fraud threat will be addressed both from a regulatory and a criminology perspective, to explain participants how food fraudsters behave and why they target specific foods. The regulatory overview and the analysis of the type of prevalent frauds will be enlarged to encompass different systems from the EU, namely US and China.

The last part of the course will examine the functioning of the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF), the Food Fraud Network and the AAC tool for the exchange of information (Administrative Assistance and Operation system) and the new EU Commission IMSOC tool, aiming at integrating all those pre-existing tools to rapidly exchange information between competent authorities in case of emergency.

Finally, some practical inputs about how to manage communication during crisis will be offered to the participants.


Food companies executives, crisis managers, supply chain managers, regulatory affairs, legal and quality officers and managers. Food safety consultants, enforcement authorities, communication specialists dealing with food safety and food fraud incidents.

Download the full program and the details to subscribe here: Corso_Int_Frodi-Alimentari-OW_EN_NEW or write to


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