MSU/IFLR Food Laws and Regulations in EU – Last few days to enroll

Michigan State University is delighted to announce that Martin Holle (Professor of Food Law at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences) will teach the online course “Food Laws and Regulations in the European Union.” The course begins online this week but it is not too late to enroll. Most students work full time in the food industry while taking this online course through MSU’s Institute for Food Laws and Regulations.

This course is designed to provide practical knowledge for those who must understand the legal and regulatory complexities of the flow of food and agricultural products in the European Union. The course provides an overview of the EU regulatory system, major laws, and current status of EU food law, inspection programs, import controls, national food control systems, food labeling, additives and contaminants, HACCP, and food hygiene, and food fraud in the EU.

Prof. Holle will be joined by content-matter experts who will lecture on special topics, such as:

  • Raymond O’Rourke, food regulatory and consumer affairs lawyer, and European Food Safety Authority Management Board Member, will lecture on the “regulatory requirements and procedures for importing food into the EU.”
  • Cesare Varallo, will lecture on the “EU regulatory framework for control of food fraud.”

Enrollment is fast and easy through MSU’s Lifelong Education Program. Contact to discuss the right option for you.


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